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   Preconstruction Planning



1.民國64年(1975)完成台中港防風砂網試驗及快速植生工程,減少港區風砂災害, 改善港埠環境



4.民國77年(1988)完成中油輸油濱海地區地下水及地基沉陷調查研究評估工作, 已增進工業設施安全



1.民國57年(1968)研究發展海底岩盤基礎施工設計, 使外島國防工程深水基樁碼頭工程得以提前竣工,提供軍需及民用運輸便利。




1. In 1975,Taichung Harbor windbreak sand net test and rapid planting project were completed to reduce the wind and sand disaster in the harbor area and improve the port environment.

2. In 1976, do the research of road soil stabilization technology development work, in order to seek rapid development of local construction period.

3. In 1978, complete the highway station on the front line of Chaozhou weak road stability construction method test and practical methods to enhance the engineering technology.

4. In 1988 ,complete the oil and oil coastal areas of groundwater and ground subsidence investigation and evaluation work, has improved industrial facilities safety.


5. In 1989, completed the Chinese shipbuilding company 40LT container crane domestic design and manufacturing research and development work to enhance the domestic industrial manufacturing level technology.

Research and development

1. In 1968 research and development of submarine rock plate foundation construction design, so that the outer island defense project deep water foundation pile terminal project can be completed in advance to provide military and civilian transport convenience.

2. In 1969 research and development of rapid reclamation of earth-shaking dense design, to assist the army and construction manufacturers to complete the heavy construction of heavy shipyard.

3. In 1974 study of new honeycomb structure floating dock design and construction technology, in 1979 to complete the National Army large dock project, erected the world's largest caisson project record.

4. In 1992 the introduction of Europe and Japan common pipeline new technology, take its long, in the integration of China's engineering technology inherent in the new technology.

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