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Construction Management
​          工程計劃管理

1.民國55年(1966)引進西德Dywidag 懸臂長橋施工技術, 協助公路局及民營廠家完成當時遠東最長之澎湖跨海大橋設計及施工作業增進國防及地方繁榮。


2. 民國55年(1966)引進海上地質探勘傾動施工法,提供深海基礎鑽探之技術, 使跨海大橋下部基礎得以順利施工並節省經費和工期。


1. In 1966, the West German Dywidag cantilever bridge construction technology was introduced to assist the highway bureau and private manufacturers to complete the design and construction of the longest Penghu Bridge in the Far East to enhance national defense and local prosperity.


2. In 1966, the introduction of offshore geological prospecting and tilting construction method to provide deep-sea basic drilling technology, so that the lower part of the cross-sea bridge to smooth construction and save money and duration. 


3.In 1989, complete the South back to the high slope  of the technical design and test work to accelerate the construction period to enhance the construction safety.

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